Thank you for visiting my are some answers to common questions:

1. How quickly will I receive the tree?

You should expect to receive your tree within 2-3 weeks. Each tree is hand worked and made to order which takes time. Plus, they ship from the Netherlands so please be patient. If you are on a shorter time frame and would like to expedite the shipping please contact me directly for a quote before you complete your purchase. I currently use standard post to keep the intercontinental shipping costs under $5.00 USD.

2. Where do you ship to?

I currently ship world wide.

3. What payment methods do you accept? 

I accept Paypal and and credit card payments.

4. Does the tree come with a gift box?

To keep the shipping costs economical packaging is minimal. Your tree will be carefully wrapped in artisan paper and protected in a bubble wrap envelope. I also include a card with a description of the meaning behind this symbol.

5. Do the pendants come with chains?

I hesitate to call these trees pendants because I don't believe they will always be used as necklaces. I have many people who hang them next to their computers or from their rear view mirror...visible places for inspiration. So, at this time I do not include chains with the shipments.

6. Why are there different prices?

The majority of the cost is in the craftsmanship but the different prices are due to the varying cost of materials. Most of my trees are made with semi precious gemstones but I have a few designs made with quartz or glass beads which are cheaper to procure. 

7. Do you accept custom orders

Yes, I do accept custom orders. Please use the contact form to send me a message directly with your request.