• Image of Tranquil Silence

Labradorite gemstones are a brown/grey/green color that have surprising blue highlights when the sun strikes them. It is a tough stone to accurately photograph because the highlights make the color deeper. It inspires thoughts of the tranquility under the sea. For someone looking to quiet the noises of life and focus their energy inward.

The tree is constructed within a 2" hand wrapped parawire form. I have selected wire with a square cross section because I feel this gives the piece a clean contemporary look. You can choose between silver or vintage bronze plating.

The limbs and trunk are constructed using a gold plated copper wire. The gold plating is a soft yellow that compliments both the silver and bronze forms while allowing the beauty of the tree to stand out.

All materials are tarnish resistant to keep the piece looking new.

Please keep in mind that each tree is unique and has a life of its own. I will try my best to match them to the displayed image but since they are all hand worked and have rough cut gemstones they will inevitably vary.